During the last few years, I have known many people who have been out of work for quite some time.  They often tend to go it alone and not ask anyone for help because they don’t want anyone else to know that they’re in career transition.  I have to tell you, that’s a rough way to go in my opinion.  Every now and then,  I am going to be covering some of the ways that people and organizations in the greater Indianapolis area are helping people when they’re looking for work.  Whether underemployed or unemployed, groups like this one exist to help individuals into their next career.

One of the best is called Passport to Employment.  It is a ministry that is supported and founded by members of the Church of the Crossing located very close to Keystone at the Crossing.  The group has been meeting for right around 7 years, and they have some pretty impressive stats to back up their effectiveness.  This past Monday, they were able to announce that through their program, they have been able to connect 692 people to new positions in 315 weeks.  Just this past week alone, there were 5 people who found new positions with their help.

Like every effective organization, there’s going to be a face with the place.  For Passport to Employment, that face is Earle Hart.  Earle has been here since the beginning, and he’s not going to let you off easy until you’re employed at the level you should be.  This guy wants you to have the job that you were designed to have, and he will equip you with the tools to land your dream job.  Earle can’t do it alone, and he leads a team of coaches, counselors, recruiters, and trainers who are all ready to jump in and help you with your search for a great career fit.

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Passport meets every Monday night from 7pm until 9pm. (except for a few holidays that are stated on their website)  Show up at 6:30 with a pile of business cards and be prepared to meet 30-60 people who you can connect with and expand your personal network.  Starting at 7pm, you’ll need a notepad because the information is going to come fast and furious for the next 2 hours.

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Every week is different, but know that this group works hard to keep content fresh and new guest speakers coming every week.  This past week in particular brought in recruiters from two different areas and allowed them time to speak to the group about how to stand out in an environment where 300+ people will possibly apply for a single job.

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The cost is free, but you’ll learn that once you get your new position, your first task is to bring cookies back to the group and share effective tactics that you used.  It’s always great to hear from people who come back & share their success stories, especially if that means they’re bringing cookies!  There’s nothing like hearing from someone who’s been underemployed or out of work and seeing the joy on their face as they return to a job they’re passionate about.

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Maybe you’re in a place where you could use a little support from my friends.  If that’s you, drop by this Monday night and tell them that David sent you.  I promise that you’ll get no special treatment and that they’ll probably have no idea who David is.  That’s what’s great about this place.  Their desire is to help you as much as they can and then never see you again because you’re gainfully employed and flourishing in your new position.  If you want to get to your new position faster, make this one of the first steps in your journey.