1 (3 of 5) I love my kids, and both of my kids love eating.  One loves eating candy and the other loves eating anything but vegetables.  While we can get the one who loves eating candy to eat other foods, the small one who avoids vegetables like the plague is a different story.  We’ve tried many things over the past 3-4 months to introduce veggies into his diet, but nothing seemed to work until the cookie came along.  Melissa found this recipe here that outlines a cookie filled with vegetables and containing only honey, no cup+ of sugar.  We weren’t sure what the outcome was going to be, but it turns out that this little guy loves vegetables as long as they are in cookie form.   1 (2 of 5)I assume that there will come a time where we can rationalize with him that vegetables come in other forms other than cookie, but for now this daddy is happy to see this little guy pounding zucchini and carrot like a champ.
1 (1 of 5)Oh, and it turns out that the one who like vegetables anyway is also a big fan.

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